Monday, November 5, 2012

Home is where the heart is

I never completed my blog entries about our home so I thought I would give an overview. Unfortunately I could never express just how touched and blessed I was by the process of getting to know the beautiful people of Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County through this process.  And unfortunately this earthly life must carry on and I have to get to work shortly. But here goes...

So just like a whirlwind my house began being built and 10 days later, I had a home and my heart was about to explode with the love that was shown through hundreds of volunteer women who helped build our home. What an experience it was. My daughters got to come and help work on their own house. How cool is it for my daughters to be able to bring their children here some day and say, "I painted that room" or "I caulked that baseboard". Wow, a once in a lifetime chance.

The house is awesome but the most amazing thing to me is the hearts of the workers from Habitat and the volunteers that took time out of their days, time away from their families, time off from their jobs to help my family! Unbelievable!

Habitat for Humanity definitely changed my life in more than one day. Yes, I got a beautiful home out of it, but I got a new, beautiful extended family from the Habitat employees, the volunteers, the radio staff that was here covering the build and my beautiful neighbors!

God has blessed us!

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