Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Ultimate Valentine

I don't know why, but Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. No, it isn't because I have the greatest husband in the world and I want to celebrate our love. As a matter of fact, I haven't had a Valentine in many, many years. However, I do have three of the most wonderful daughters and a just as wonderful son-in-law that I could ask for! Don't get me wrong, it would fabulous to wake up on the big "V" Day with the best Christian husband I could ever lay eyes on, but that isn't my reality.

Being a single mom for many years has had it's Valentine's Day ups and downs. There were many years when I couldn't buy them anything. Or on a good year, I would buy them the typical candy, stuffed animal or tee-shirt. Then would lay in bed awake at night wondering if I would be able to pay bills that month because money was so tight and I just used part of the rent money to buy those precious kids a little token of my love. But, none the less, through all the hard times and great times, Valentine's Day has always remained a favorite. Right up there with Christmas and Easter.

I was trying to figure out the other day, why I did love this particular holiday so much? Well, I am definitely a warm weather kind of girl and part of the reason is because even though it is cold in February, it still means Spring is right around the corner! And we all know that spring means all things new, new blossoms on the trees, new flowers springing up out of the ground, new baby rabbits, squirrels and deer to watch discover a whole new vast world. I love the red, pink and hearts everywhere and the feeling of love that is just thick in the air! But you don't have a "love" you say...oh but I do! "But that God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 Wow, we tell a lot of people we love them, but just how much do we love them? I mean, would we die for our loved ones? Would we be willing to see our son or daughter tortured by others just to save total strangers? My favorite Bible verse says this: "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38-39. Nothing, absolutely nothing, my friends, can separate you from God's love! There is no greater love then that of your God!

So, to answer the question, why do I love Valentine's Day so much. Because it is a beautiful reminder when I look around at all the hearts, the word "love" written everywhere and just the simple sweetness of such a holiday, I am reminded of how Jesus gave not only His pure heart for our sinning heart and how He demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice of love. And although it is simple, do we show how much we love and appreciate what He has done for us?

Make this Valentine's Day like no other. I challenge you to not only love one another, as God also commands us to do, but to remember His especially on this day. Celebrate the people that He blessed you with and thank Him for them. Then celebrate His love for you. God loves you, He always has, He always will and He made the ultimate sacrifice for us, let's show Him just what love is!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone! Just a quick few notes!

Please send along prayer requests to this blog. Hopefully sometime in the near future, we will have lots of readers, which means lots of prayers going up for your requests!

Speaking of prayer requests...I have a few. My daughter has the flu. She is 16 but no matter now old, they are our babies when they are sick! Also, many of the kids in my special education class has severe medical conditions. Right now, we have many kids out with a variety of illnesses, some have even been hospitalized. Please keep them in your prayers. My cousin, Dale is having severe back pain right now also.

So, what is your favorite Bible verse? Mine is Romans 8:38! I have many but that is my rock I stand on!

Well, hope you all had a fabulous start to your week. Be a blessing to someone in the days to come, even if it is just a smile! You never know, it might be just what that person needs!

See ya soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let the writing begin!

What a blessed and wonderful weekend we had! We had so much fun, it just flew right by. So happy to get to spend some quality time with my family. I love them all dearly!

Well, I have told myself that as soon as I got a laptop, I could start writing my blog more consistently and begin on the many Christian books that I have wanted to write. Well, guess what friends, this is the weekend! I have finally gotten a laptop, hence why I am writing so often the past day or so. I am totally excited and overwhelmed at the same time! I would like to ask for prayer in that God guides my hands and mind throughout this wonderful new adventure. And also, that He leads me to the right writing jobs and that what I do is a blessing to Him. I sure wouldn't want to do anything that was a smidgen less than a blessing to our Lord.

Seems as though the weekend has gotten away from me and it is way past my bedtime. I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and has an equally blessed week to come! Stay warm!

Super Bowl 2011

Okay, who will it be...Stealers or Packers? Those are the teams playing, right? As you can see, I am not a huge football fan. I do my best to watch the games because my middle daughter, Cody, is a big! football fan. She is a Colts fan, but as my Pastor said, God decided that the Colt's worked so hard, that He was just going to let them rest this time! They get to relax at home with their families to partake in the festivities just like the rest of us!

What I am totally excited about, however, is spending time watching the game with my family. We decided to have a spur of the moment little Super Bowl get together! Now it should be interesting, it will be my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter and myself who know nothing about football. We will be watching with my middle daughter and son-in-law who are huge football fans! Hhhmmm...have a feeling I will be getting "ssshhhhh" a lot during this game! Better make sure I have the ole battery changed on the laptop! :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Talk to ya'll soon!

Under Construction!!!!

Well, I have been working all morning trying to tweak, design and add goodies to my blog. Well, as we see, it isn't exactly happening. I suppose I don't know nearly as much about technology as I would like to think I do!

Bear with me, I do play on getting this thing up and running and be the cutest lil blogspot you can can ever imagine! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Test Blog!

Hello! Setting up my blog from my new computer! Good things yet to come!