Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello! Well, it's Monday and I finally have a day of no working, no helping with Habitat for Humanity, no nothin'....and I wake up with a sore throat! God sure has a sense of humor, or He is telling me, "okay lady, today you are going to be under the weather and rest!" Sounds good to me but we will see if that is a reality today.
I worked all last week chipping away at my 100 hours for Habitat for Humanity so that I can be locked-in to getting a home. It's funny, I knew it was a great organization but I started doing these hours to benefit my family and myself. What I didn't realize was that I am the one being blessed by the amazing people that I have met during this short journey. I work at the Habitat office in the mornings and the office staff are so kind and truly love what they do. I see families coming in to sign their Covenant Agreements and I am so excited for them because that is where I was a month ago. These workers are truly doing this because they love helping others and it is such a blessing to see.
Most of my afternoons are spent at the Habitat for Humanity Restore here in Bloomington. I am ashamed to say that prior to having to do my hours, I had never been in the Restore. What a mistake I made! They sell tons of greatused furniture, building materials, tools and so much more. The prices are better than most thrift stores in town and they have a system that the price is dropped 25% each month it is there until it reaches a discount of 75% off! Pretty cool!
And of course my Saturdays are spent at the Habitat for Humanity work site, which is what it is all about. We construct, roof, insulate, paint and everything else that is involved with building a home from the ground up. I say home because you build not only a place to live, but relationships. You work on your neighbors homes and celebrate with them with they receive their keys. And they help build your home and celebrate when you get your keys. Your neighbors are more than neighbors, you have a bond that most neighbors wouldn't have. There is something so special about this that I probably wouldn't have realized until working at the work site. It's a pretty amazing thing to witness. Not to mention just the sheer number of people who volunteer each week, not because they are getting a home, but because they truly care about people and want to help others.
My stomach still does a flip every now and then when I think about this and what the end result will be. I wonder if it will really happen, will I really own a home when this is all said and done. From step one of this process I have prayed and involved God in this. The day I took my application to the office, my daughters and I prayed over the application and asked the Lord to bless it. I have to stop doubting and know that God doesn't make mistakes. He wouldn't have brought us this far to break our hearts. What God begins, He completes. But even if for some reason He brought this whole thing to a screeching halt, I have gained more from this experience than I have ever given and would continue to partner with Habitat for Humanity.
Have a great Monday!

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