Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reckless Abandonment

Okay, so I know it is a week overdue but here goes....Happy Resurrection Day! As usual, it's been awhile since I've written and I apologize.
Have you ever set goals and had high ambitions to do something and it fizzles out before you even realize it? One day you just stop and go, "oh wow, three months ago I promised my kids we would spend family nights together.", and you never have. Or, "I heard that inspiring sermon last week at church and I was going to send a card to my friend who hasn't been to church in months.", but that's all it was...a "going to", it never became a "I did it". That has happened to me on many many occasions. I use the excuse that I'm a single mom working multiple jobs, raising daughters, so on and so forth. But when it all boils down, none of that even matters. I didn't do it, that's all that matters. I did promise my kids we would do things weekly, I let them down. I have told myself several times that several friends that I have been missing at church would probably appreciate a call or card, I let them down.
I attended and minutely worked at an amazing even this past Friday called Warehouse Jam featuring an amazing group from our church called Xalted, a wonderful speaker named David Ball and a well known contemporary Christian group called Abandon. I knew what to expect because we had a "preview" at church a couple of weeks before the event. But the whole time I was there not only could you feel God's presence in the worship and the speaking, but I kept hearing the works "Reckless Abandonment" in my mind over and over. I thought it was interesting because I have heard this term before but to be honest, didn't know its true meaning. Let's look at it together...
Reckless~ adjective
1. utterly unconcerned about some consequences; without caution; careless
1. to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert
Wow, sounds pretty drastic, final and life changing! As I searched the term online last night and added the word God to the search as well, I came up with some interesting things. First, I don't know about you but there are some huge changes coming up in my life. Am I concerned, you better believe it, am I losing sleep over them, nope! But ask me again in a month! Just kidding, just kidding! I have been told by my landlord that I have to be out of my house of four years by June 1st, my job with the school ends June 8th and as of this moment, I have no income for the summer, I have two wonderful daughters still at home that are so deprived of the things they need, of time with their mom because she works multiple jobs to keep food on the table, and they are deprived of a deep relationship with Christ because their mom hasn't taken that extra few hours each week to teach them about their Creator.
Good news! We are all still living so it's not too late! With Reckless Abandonment running through my mind I wonder...what would it be like to live our lives in reckless abandonment to God. Love God utterly, unconcerned about the consequences; without caution; careless. And to leave everything at His feet completely, finally, to forsake all, and desert everything...except to love, serve and surrender all to God with reckless abandonment.
I have said the saying many times, "Let go and let God." But I wonder what our lives would be like if we got up tomorrow morning living our lives exactly how we know God wants us to live them. We read our Bibles daily, and a lot, we talk to God constantly, we witness to others, we love one another, we forgive completely and we lives our lives in reckless abandonment to Christ.
As juvenile as it sounds, I am going to work tomorrow with two things written on my hand as a reminder. Yep, you guess it, one of them is Reckless Abandonment. The other is something that our awesome Pastor, Jimmy Cain at South Union Christian Church spoke of today and that is, "He/she matters to God." That's just a reminder to me that no matter how frustrated I get with someone, no matter how much I believe they will never take me up on the offer to go to church with me, God doesn't want us to give up on them and they matter to Him.
I hope you all have a blessed week. Tell me how your life is if you decide to live in Reckless Abandonment too!

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