Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prayer Requests

Please send us your prayer requests here. We will pray over them daily and as we add members, we can all pray for one another. Remember...that's why we are here, to lift one another up in prayer and fellowship with our Lord!


Angie H said...

I'll be the first! Please pray to give me guidance in my life as I try to pursue which Ministry I should focus on. Also, my dad and brother as they deal with spiritual, emotional and physical struggles. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Angie honey, may God fill you up with answers & direction. You already have more focus than many people ever have in their entire lives. May your blessings run over so that you may continue to reach out to others in Jesus' name :-) Amen

Prayer appreciated also for guidance, my hardened heart, peace of mind & a loosening of my control over my life. Thank you for being that re-opening point :-)