Saturday, July 26, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

I am thrilled to announce the newest Author to VWBW, my oldest daughter, Brittany! Awhile back, Brittany felt the Lord clearly tell her that she is to get into the Ministry. Well, she is jumping in with both feet. She will be posting blogs that may be issues for the young folks out there. If any of you have any questions for her, please post them anytime. Of course, the same goes for me too.
Now, as a mom, who has bragging goes. My daughters have been through so much, bless their hearts and a lot of it is their stubborn mothers fault who tried to do life her way. But still, so many people have told me what a great job I have done raising them. I get very embarrassed when being told that because friends, I didn't raise these kids, God did. When I was failing at my worst and walking through the deepest pits imaginable, God held them safe in His arms as a loving Father does. As I was making mistake after mistake, He helped them to grow and to learn from the mistakes. These girls have never, not for a moment, caused me a moments trouble. I have an 18 year old, a 14 year old and a 9 year old, all girls. And I know, it isn't over yet, it never will be because just as Jesus holds tight and never stops loving us, we never stop loving our children. But how many 18 or even 14 year old children do you know that aren't being consumed with peer pressure and going out to parties, drinking, doing drugs and just living the life of a "typical" teenager? How many teen girls do you know gets rid of any tank tops, shorts and any skirts above the knee because they want to be a good role model for not only their sisters but other teens out there and most importantly, just wants to treat her body in a way that pleases God. How many 14 year old children would stay up all night cleaning the house from top to bottom, making tons of beautiful artwork and hanging it throughout the house to the delight of her mom for her birthday? How many 9 year old's goes through her toys and takes them to school to a child in her class that has even less than she does?
I'm not bragging here folks, I'm just telling you the honest truth, when God says," Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. " in Proverbs 22:6, it is so true. I did train them, off and on throughout their lives. But never steady, and never as much as I should have. And I definitely wasn't ever the role model I should have been. But here they are, doing so much better that I did at their young ages. Now that's not to say they won't make mistakes, they will, we all do. And when they do, I will be there to hold them, love them and comfort them as we both sit firmly in the arms of our Father. But they have all they need to survive in their lives, they have their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
I was saved as a young adult, but I didn't truly "get it" until last year. Yep, last year! I just pray that if my girls don't already "have it", they "get it" much sooner than I did and don't have to live through the pain (which is from the results of my own doings) and they live their lives to fully trust and rely on their ROCK...JESUS CHRIST!
Welcome Brittany, I love you. Cody and Sierra...can't wait till you are old enough to join. I'm sure you will and are always welcome to make some guest appearances!

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